2012 Globe Roll 1 Review

For two years now, I’ve been riding my bike between home and work which meant Shannon had to rely on the TTC (we both work at Kanetix). That all changed when she purchased a new bike, a 2012 Globe Roll 1. Now I’m happy to say I am the owner of two bikes! (just don’t tell her that)

From a style standpoint, this bike stands out. I’ve gotten more stares, compliments, and questions about this bike than my Fuji Track Classic which is cool, but makes me jealous. Girls seem to dig the colour scheme, but somehow it still manages to appeal to me. Specialized/Globed showed some restraint by not going to town with decals, which adds to the bike’s minimalist look.

The moment I first tried it, I liked how it felt and compared to my Fuji, it has a more relaxed, upright riding position, almost a bit cruiser-esque which I didn’t expect. The bike feels light, fast, and responsive.

On the other hand, the stock 42/17 gear ratio feels too low for me as I’m used to riding at a higher 46/15 ratio, but this would vary between riders. I’ve only tried riding this bike in free-wheel mode, perhaps it’ d be okay riding fixed, but I’d be afraid of spinning out.

Sadly the bike also weighs in on the heavy side, you can definitely feel a difference between the Fuji and the Globe, although it’s not deal breaker. I’d also recommend looking for a new seat as the stock seat isn’t all that great. Speaking of the seat, since it’s white you may end up with some colour transfer from your clothes. If that happens, simply use a magic eraser.

Cool stock styling
Smooth, responsive ride
Comfortable riding geometry

Uncomfortable seat
Heavier than it looks
Low crank position means pedal strikes


I just bought this same bike in July and I absolutely LOVE it. I enjoyed reading your take on riding and totally agree. I recently flipped the hub and rode fixed and it is so much fun. I’m still fairly new to it though so I rarely ride long distances fixed. I can’t wait until I’m confident enough to rock it all the time though.

Heather Howell - Friday August 24, 2012

how heavy is it?

sue - Monday June 3, 2013

@sue Not sure, don’t have an easy way to measure it. Also really depends on the size of the frame you decide to go with.

Tariq - Wednesday August 21, 2013

I just bought this bike from a used store. It’s far better power transfer than beginner road bike. I loved it so much till I hanged my Cannondale for weeks.

Eric - Tuesday October 29, 2013

hi, got my 08 specilized centrum sports stolen the other day (!!) and I’m in the market for a new bike. Coincidentally, i was also looking at the fuji classic and specialized roll 1. i like the look of the fuji classic & the light weight but not 100% sure about the low riding position. (i have never had a track bike before) How do you feel about the fuji classic and which would you prefer?

Danny - Tuesday October 29, 2013

@Danny get the Fuji, it’s lighter and cheaper. If you don’t like the drop bars or even holding onto the top of them, you can always swap it out for a straight handle bar. I’ve been thinking about doing it for awhile.

Tariq - Wednesday October 30, 2013

I agree totally with you. It is an excellent bike, but the cons, as you said: uncomfortable saddle, heavy and bad pedal. I change the saddle for speed style (works very well), but a I don’t know what I will do with pedal, I don’t want to clip – but it is possible. Do you have sugestion abou pedal?

Luiz Verona - Sunday April 13, 2014

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